Hello everyone!
I can't help but write about my experience with Intestines 1 in capsules and 2 in powder.
I'm not a vegetarian, I haven't given up coffee.
The feeling I got after this is indescribable.
Fatigue removed, more energy, great chair.
Until then, I drank a glass of water a day and 3 coffees.
Now I made a habit of drinking water. I only paid attention to my diet. 2 bowels are ok with orange lemon juice..
And what is most important is my long-standing problem Hs (dermatological disease) which has no cure. Inflamed purulent area. Now after many years the wounds are calm, nothing leaks, the wounds are closed.
Before taking the formula, I received a referral for emergency surgery.
The only thought in my head was to try taking it and then do what you want to cut.
Thank God everything went away and after 2 years I can finally raise my hands in the air.
So far it's great...we'll see how it goes.
Thank you very much for finding you! Ž.H.

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