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Institute for Organism Detoxification

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od sutra (petak) 1.12. -31.12.2023.
10% POPUST na SVE proizvode iz našeg asortimana.

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Learn about the basic principles of natural medicine and how to apply them. Contact our phytotherapists with confidence for advice.

Laws of health

In order to have a balanced and happy life, it is necessary to abide by the laws of health. Read more about the laws of health in our posts

Healthy diet

Prehrana je, bez svake sumnje, činitelj koji utječe na naše zdravlje, jer unos hrane stalno se ponavlja tijekom cijelog našeg života. Dr. William Osler, slavni

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Physical effects of running

Dr. Ivo Belan     Američko predsjedničko vijeće za tjelesnu kondiciju i sportove zatražilo je od sedmorice vrhunskih stručnjaka za rekreaciju da poredaju popularne sportove na osnovi

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Sleep is your health

Kad su naša tijela izvan ravnoteže, ništa nam ne djeluje normalno. Nakon što su izvršili stotine eksperimenata o spavanju i zdravlju, vodeći svjetski znanstvenici otkrili

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puno bi nam značilo ako imate mogućnosti i želite svojim donacijama pomoći našim projektima.

Institut za detoksikaciju je mala neformalna udruga koja se bavi savjetovanjem o Zakonima zdravlja, uzgojem i preradom ljekovitog bilja te prodajom pripravaka, zdravstveno misionarskim i humanitarnim radom.

Pay pal mail za donacije: institutzadetoksikaciju@gmail.com

Zahvaljujemo od srca unaprijed.

Contact Information

Mob 1: 00 385 99 645 0504
Mob 2: 00 385 92 352 7589

Opening hours

9am – 17pm

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Body cleansing programs

Depending on your needs, choose a body cleansing program as you would improve your health.

Detoxification programs

5 day kidney cleansing program

Your kidneys are responsible for absorbing the vitamin in your blood!

You and every organ in your body, in fact, every one of your 100 million cells, has the same two basic functions-in and out, in and out, in and out...Regulates the food that enters it, and expel waste to the street. And, when it comes to extracting (eliminating waste matter), your body has only two main ways to get rid of waste. Solid waste is eliminated by the colon, and liquid waste is discharged through the kidneys and bladder. Your kidneys are much more perfect organs...

Herbal preparations for cleansing the body

100% Organ cleaning efficiency

Herbal formulas for detoxifying the body that work very effectively



  • Snažno potiče redovno i potpuno pražnjenje crijeva
    • Najbolji čistač crijeva na planeti
    • Stimulira i jača mišićne pokrete crijeva
    • Očistite i detoksicirajte Vaše tijelo od nakupljenog otpada


The modern way of life takes its toll, and in our gastrointestinal tract, and eliminacijskim organs. Processed foods with a high percentage of fat and low fiber, fats with high cholesterol, lack of exercise, increased levels of toxic pollutants, as well as increased stress-all this contributes to the current probavnoj crisis.

Take the first step-Clear your bowels

The first step to improving the quality of life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle(be sure to drink 2.5 liters of clean water every other day) and do a bowel detox. Flaccid, closed and natečena intestines can squeeze the surrounding area by pressing on it, causing many problems.

Switch to a vegetarian diet

The liver should metabolize and neutralize everything that increases ammonia in tjelu. The main culprit for this is food of animal origin. When animal food is digested, it creates ammonia (an alkaline gas), your intestines are absorbed into the blood, which the liver can turn into urine,which will expel your kidneys. Americans (considering that the largest consumers of animal products on the planet per person), they are in the first place for the formation of excess ammonia in the intestines, which weakens the liver.

Maintain your health, become active and get rid of stress

When our body is out of balance, that us no one acts normally. After performing hundreds of experiments on a healthy lifestyle, the world's leading scientists found that to maintain optimal yoga health, a person should work on entering clean water, eating a proper and varied diet, sleeping at the same time, having a good relationship and finding meaning in life, which would minimize stress.

Take a look at the books and videos

So far, almost all the best books for maintaining and improving the quality of life that exist on the world market have been translated and published.Be sure to watch and read the books completely free of charge.

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