Natural Tea for kidney and bladder detoxification (200g)

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It can help DISSOLVE excess minerals in the urinary system.

It helps MAINTAIN healthy kidneys and dissolves plaque.

SUPPORTS healthy urine flow.


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Ingredients: Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva ursi), Pine (Juniperis monosperma), Corn silk (Zea mays), Parsley root (Petroselinum crispum),Polish Horsetail(Equisetum arvense),Zlatnica(Solidago virgaurea), , Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis), Organic orange peel, Mint (Menta x piperita), Hydrangea root (Hydrangea arborescens), Red hemp root (Eupatorium purpureum).

In order for all preparations to work most effectively on your body, adhere to the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Drink plenty of clean non-carbonated water every day. We recommend that you drink checked spring water or purchased non-carbonated water which is less evil than the one from the pipe or that you get a reverse osmosis filter. With clean water you can also drink freshly squeezed juice or herbal tea (chamomile or mint or ginger...). Avoid teas that are diuretics of Nettle, dandelion, bearberry, green tea...and get an accurate calculation of how much you need to drink fluids,divide your body weight by thirty (kg body weight : 30 and that is the minimum). for example, if you have 60 kg :30= 2L. So, throughout the day you should drink 2 liters of water. This example is given only if it is winter, spring or autumn, if the summer fluid intake should be increased.

* If you sleep or often stay in a room where the air is dry, you can dehydrate

*If your skin is dry after a shower, this happens due to chlorine contained in the city water, a great solution is to buy a shower filter with activated carbon

If you have a small urination at night and it deprives you of normal sleep, drink the last water until 18, 17 or even 4: 00.

2.Exercise at least 3x a week (sweat during training)
Do strength exercises, cardio (aerobic)training and stretching exercises.

3. Breakfast in the morning: a variety of seasonal organic fruit, sunflower seeds (not fried nor salty, sunflower is an excellent source natural magnesium), whole wool, full-bodied sesame and if desired chia or pumpkin seeds...) and a handful of nuts (almond or nut or hazelnut or cashew or peanut (non-salted)), 5-8 tablespoons of peeled oats or buckwheat that was weaned all night in a cup(500 ml) of water. In the morning, rinse well and then mix with other ingredients. Cereals don't Cook! Fruit salad can be seasoned with a tablespoon of honey, agave syrup or almond spread or similar. and if you want some ground cinnamon.

4-5 hours after breakfast lunch: a variety of seasonal organic raw vegetables with sunflower seeds (unroasted threads salty, sunflower is an excellent source natural magnesium), whole wool, full-bodied sesame and if desired chia or pumpkin seeds...) and a handful of nuts (almonds or walnuts or hazelnuts or cashews or peanuts try to find in the shell), boiled legumes, beans or lentils or chickpeas or peas or green beans or broad beans (if you lose weight increase the portion of some legume in a vegetable salad) and cooked grain (wheat or hulled oats or barley or rye or buckwheat or millet...). The salad can be seasoned with cold-pressed olive oil, raw garlic 8 to 12 cloves (for even stronger immunity, blood purifier and clean blood vessels), onion, avocado (if you are losing weight, increase the proportion of avocado (2-3 pieces) in the vegetable salad) and spices (rosemary, basil, hot pepper, thyme, oregano...).

For dessert, eat a healthy combination of nuts or seeds with honey.

4-5 hours after lunch dinner: only fruit with a handful of nuts (almonds or nuts or hazelnuts) or if you feel a lack of energy dinner should be the same as breakfast.

Mandatory : during meals do not drink any liquid only after 1-2h

4.Rest enough and on time (no later than 21:00 h in winter or 22:00 h in summer) and in complete darkness. If you're not completely dark in the room where you sleep, get a sleep blindfold. The link can be obtained at the DM. If you have trouble sleeping, let someone massage you before going to bed and increase the amount of physical activity during the day.


5. Daily exposure to sunlight for 1 hour a day due to vitamin D. If you have sensitive skin, gradually sunbathe and use common sense. Being in the fresh air every day, outside the city where air is most often polluted, and such air can reduce the absorption of vitamin D.


6. Avoiding all poisons (coffee, green tea, black tea, cigarettes, drugs, chemicals, alcohol, refined sweets...). If you are going to have a headache when you stop drinking coffee, you should increase your fluid intake by 0.5 L or even 1L + of course your minimum drink every day (See item no. 1) and headaches disappear very quickly. If you can hardly give up coffee, drink cereal coffee Divka, etc.

Coffee Video:
1 part.



7. Avoiding meat, fish, eggs, all dairy products (especially meat avoid pork, rabbit, shellfish, crustaceans, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, seafood, sushi posebno) and of course refined foods.

For more information on dairy products, see:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


For more information on meat, see :

Part 1


For more information on fish, see:

What to eat as a substitute for foods of animal origin :





8. Maintain personal hygiene, wash every night. After touching the animal, wash your hands. Do not put anything on the skin that is not edible (creams, make-up, lipsticks, deodorants, antiperspirants, etc.) and maintain personal hygiene with natural soap and 100% natural hygiene supplies.

9. Find a job that fulfills you and makes you happy and make an effort to improve interpersonal relationships (forgive all people who have offended you or harmed you).

10. To give life into God's hands every day through prayer in the solitude of your room and not to be burdened with things over which you have no influence. If you haven't, start exploring the meaning of your existence, what happens after death, why there is so much evil on planet Earth Pronal by finding those answers you can improve the quality of your life.

We suggest you take a look at:



Note: We are not engaged in increasing the time spent on the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases, but our work baziramo, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. The information in this section cannot be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. No person should use the information in this article to diagnose, prevent, or treat diseases without consulting a qualified health professional (doctor).


  • Notes: Use only according to the instructions on the cover. Keep out of the reach of small children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement is not a substitute or substitute for a balanced diet. It is important to adhere to a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Suitable for vegans. Store closed in a dry and dark place, at a temperature of up to 25 °C. Attention: People who take medication or suffer from a disease should consult a doctor before use. It is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children. The expiration date is marked on the packaging. Packed: 200g. Everything on this website is informative and as such cannot replace the advice and diagnosis of a doctor. It is also not intended for diagnosis or therapy. Descriptions of product effects are taken from traditional recipes and uses. We do not deal with diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases, but base our work on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The information in this text cannot be a substitute for professional medical advice. No person should use the information in this text for the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of disease without consulting a qualified medical professional (doctor). Product action descriptions are taken from traditional recipes and uses.


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