The value of the products that we use is estimated using the so-called. 'food density': this is the ratio of the total amount of nutrients versus the number of calories. Whether it is used on water, we will get the best result, because one glass of water, like in them, is ten, a hundred or a thousand, with no calories at all! But from these zero calories, we get great benefits for our health, and most people don't know it. High-quality water, as part of a constant cycle that circulates in nature, passes underground as underground water, while it takes up a significant amount of very valuable minerals from the soil: calcium, magnesium, and many others... These dissolved minerals give water stunning medical features, with the unique role it has: this is the only liquid in the world that you so preventira many diseases!

We all know that there is no life without water, and science is increasingly turning out that just water, first of all, helps us to stay healthy. The reason is very simple: our body consists of about 60% water and almost all the nutrients transmitted by our body are dissolved in it. The blood test is a plasma of about 90% water, which is the main ingredient, and other tissues and organic systems. When we talk about eliminating poisons from the body, you guessed it: it's water again, in which it happens in two ways, urinom and sweat. There is not a single function in our body - from sight, hearing, thought processes, laughter, crying - that does not depend on water. We couldn't walk, run, or sing without water in our bodies .

Researchers at Loma Linda University in California studied water use in a group of 20,000 men and women, and found that people who drink 5 or more glasses of water a day are 50% less likely to die of a heart attack. Comparing some of the other links between water and health, these scientists concluded that heart health in people who drink a lot of water improves almost to the same extent as in those who have stopped smoking! Other studies have shown that for good blood pressure, proper brain activity, improved athletic performance, and good digestion, it is plentiful water use that is key.

It is good to consider the health benefits of water from three points of view. First, it is its natural properties, so water, in some way lubricates and, while the flow, it starts the process. In addition, water also protects some parts of our body around us from them, such as liquids, which at the same time absorbs possible shocks. This is especially important in the joints, as well as in the skin. Second, it is an important property that water serves as a solvent: most nutrients are water-soluble-some of the most significant for both electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium. Due to the fact that electric currents can flow through the body, which are key for our activity. The third role of water is termoregulacija. When too much heat is applied, water dissipates heat through our sweat, and when needed, helps us retain heat.

Spring water, which naturally enriches with minerals, passing through the country is very important for our health, he confirmed is a fundamental study in Sweden and Poland, where it showed that the risk of heart disease is significantly reduced, especially in men. The focus was on magnesium, which in urban waters, unfortunately, is very small, only about 1 mg in a glass, unlike natural mineral waters, where it has about 4 times more, in some up to 25 mg! Adults need some 350 mg daily and 8 glasses of such mineral water meets half of the daily requirement. When it comes to magnesium, we see in this way that such natural water is just as valuable as, for example, chard!

Unfortunately, all city water is less-more polluted with various toxic residues, pesticides, heavy metals, and others..... Wastewater is now an increasing problem. The amount of these substances is mostly within the acceptable range, but it sometimes happens that these restrictions are also on the transition. Therefore, filtration of drinking water is really a necessity, and, fortunately, we have a technology that is very effective at the same time. There are two main types of filters: those that are installed on the sink or other outlet, and entrance filters for the entire house, which are usually significantly more expensive. Activated carbon filters were recognized as the best.

The bottled water that we buy in stores is mostly solid quality (less evil than it comes from a pipe), but unfortunately, it was mostly packaged in plastic packaging, which has been proven harmful. Therefore, it was better to provide izvorsku with natural water, which still, thank God, we have in abundance.

It is best to drink water between meals (1 to 2 hours after the main meal), which we do not interfere with the normal course of digestion during meals. Although there are many natural and healthy plugins that are added to clean drinking water for a better taste, and many are used to them, and they clean water makes bljutavom, nevertheless it seems that just as clean water is in many cases for health, the best and quickly quenches thirst. The temperature of the water we drink can vary, but it seems best to drink water at room temperature, not too cold, nor pretoplu.

When it comes to quantity, it is very unlikely that we will drink too much – this is the general opinion that about one liter per day for every 30 kg of body weight is optimal, and in the summer-even more. Maybe it seems too much to us at the very beginning, but a good habit is acquired gradually and after a few weeks, perseverance undoubtedly pays off, and therefore we are guaranteed to improve our health: short-term and long-term!

If you are dehydrated, i.e. you have yellow urine, dry skin, hard stools, dry eyes..., throughout the day, you need to increase your fluid intake so that all your organs are hydrated. In case of dehydration, immediately suggest that počente drink negaziranu pure water (reverse osmosis filter recommended), fresh cijeđeni juice that istisnut in a juicer (not in a blender), or herbal tea (avoid diuretične teas such as nettle root, maslačaka leaves and root, uvin tea, black tea, green tea... ).  Pay attention to coffee because she it also has a strong diuretic effect. If you get a headache when you stop drinking coffee, you should increase your fluid intake by half a liter or even a liter, plus, of course, your minimum that you need have a drink every day – and headaches disappear very quickly. If it is difficult to give up coffee, drink žitnu coffee, Divku, etc. To calculate, how many at least daily fluids need to be administered, your body weight divided from thirty (kg of body weight : 30, and this is at least). For example, if you have 60 kg : 30 = 2 l. So, all day long you should to drink at least 2 liters of water.

She started drinking three liters of water a day: she couldn't believe what was happening to her body!

British journalist Sarah Smith decided to drink three liters of water a day, and proved that, in addition to having a great effect on health, it affects what looks younger and more beautiful.

Reporter Sarah Smith decided to make an unusual experiment, and for a month she drank three liters of water daily.

On this feat, I decided on the advice of doctors.

Given the fact that for many years she had problems with migrenama and poor digestion, on a regular basis, a neurologist and nutritionist advised her that she begins to introduce more fluids in order to improve body functions .

Two weeks after starting the experiment, her chronic pain stopped, and her skin became much brighter and firmer.

In addition, in this way, without any torment, I lost two kilograms.

Sarah says she feels more energetic, healthier, and more beautiful now, and her friends and husband point out that she looks ten years younger.

“No matter what happens, I will continue to drink three liters of water a day. I would advise every woman to do the same, and before that, be sure to consult a doctor, " she stressed.
All the changes Sarah experienced during the month, we deliver to you below:


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