We have all heard why some people who smoke, drink alcohol…. for many years, experienced a long illness. We found a study that proves it. Connection and togetherness are powerful factors for improving our health, as well as other principles of a healthy lifestyle.

There are several ways to improve communication with your loved ones, but also with everyone else, and to understand what the secret of lasting joy is, because good interpersonal relationships are a prerequisite for a happy life.

It is common knowledge how important healthy communication is in the family and society, because the first need that every person has is the need for acceptance and approval.
We all want to be respected among friends, in the family and in any society, to have happy relationships and relationships, full of love and understanding, where we can be honest with each other, at home or with colleagues at work. According to psychologists, the 85% of happiness and success we have in life is determined by the quality of our relationships with others, and this, unfortunately, means that the 85% of our problems and dissatisfactions is also connected to other people (part of unhappiness is often rooted in interpersonal relationships).

In business and personal relationships, there are often, for completely different reasons, misunderstandings in communication, whether the problem is that people do not want to talk about certain things or that they do not listen carefully. Ex-lovers, partners, colleagues, family, children... often cause us dissatisfaction, and strained relationships do not allow us to relax, and because of this, these relationships are damaged or completely broken, and then one of the most common questions is asked: who is to blame?

The biggest source of our frustrations and neurotic states are weak and damaged interpersonal relationships, and we are especially sensitive to interactions with others and probably are not even aware of how bad social relationships cost us our health. Kristijan Nortrup, an expert in the holistic way of treating diseases, believes that people who have a lot of false friendships, difficult and unresolved family relationships or problematic love relationships, more often suffer from mild to severe chronic diseases, because every quarrel or broken relationship affects our health, can have serious consequences and also affect the health of other people. Headache and gastritis may have arisen from the desire to win someone's love, and this is just one more reason to take responsibility, to discuss any broken relationship with other people and to do your best to make your relationships with the environment as good as possible. You must be aware of what messages you are sending to others and recognize what messages are directed at you.

dr. Borisenko reveals the astonishing findings of epidemiologists, when they studied people in the city of Rosetta, Pennsylvania, a few years ago. Their mortality rate from coronary diseases was extremely low. The researchers therefore expected to find low levels of the typical risks for coronary heart disease: cigarette smoking, dietary fat, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. Instead, they found Rosetans to have disastrously bad lifestyle habits. They had high levels of each of the major risk factors.

Scientists have found that a positive health factor was their social connection and togetherness. There was a great closeness between the people. They knew each other, they knew each other's family histories, and they knew each other's joys and sorrows. There were a lot of people in Rozeto who were ready to listen to you and put a hand on your shoulder when needed.

"Statistics revealed that when people left Rosetta, their risk of having a heart attack rose to the expected level. It turns out that social support, a great stress reliever, is more important than health habits in predicting heart attacks.”

Why is there so much discord in society?

There are many people who have problems with forgiveness. They lick their wounds and secretly hope that whoever inflicted them will "learn a good lesson". But in their exasperation, they don't even realize that unforgiveness eats away at themselves the most. Their immune system loses its potency. The spirit of anger takes over them more and more, and with it the spirit of criticism. Then the ramparts are raised and the person begins to close in on himself. All this takes a completely different course when we forgive.

When Jesus taught us to pray with the words "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors", He actually meant that such behavior was in line with His. He does not agree to anything less, except that we imitate him in full. We enjoy deep joy and peace when we forgive someone. It is a divine feeling. That's not all. By our actions, we transfer that feeling to the one we have forgiven. That's where the real joy lies. Both the one who forgives and the one who is forgiven feel joy and peace. This proves that the law of heaven is written in our mind and heart. This is the work that Jesus did on Earth. This is the work that we as His followers must also do. It is the law of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You can read more information about good interpersonal relationships and the meaning of life HERE.


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We definitely recommend that you take a look at the largest ever study on happiness and the purpose of life:


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